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Response to Ontario's Proposed Waste Reduction Strategy

ZeroWaste4ZeroBurning submitted comments recently on Ontario's proposed Waste Reduction Act, 2013 (currently in the legislature as Bill 91) and the draft Waste Reduction Strategy. Both the proposed Act and the strategy were posted on the Environmental Bill of Rights Registry as 011-9260 (Waste Reduction Act) and 011-9262 (draft Waste Reduction Strategy.

The short version is that Ontario has a confused strategy when it comes to waste reduction. If you want to reduce waste, you have to adopt Zero Waste as an overall vision and the 3Rs as the basic tools. Instead, "Zero Waste" appears only once, and even then only as a sidebar on page 18 of the strategy paper. We were also disappointed to see that incineration is still in the mix instead of being treated as disposal. It's simple: anything burned can't be recycled or re-used. What's worse is that incinerator contracts demand a steady flow of waste and effectively stop any attempt at the first 'R' — reduce.

Please see the attached PDF document for our response to EBR Registry postings 011-9260 and 011-9262.

Letter to Ministers of Health and Environment Sept. 15, 2011

The problems with the Durham incinerator project remain despite government agency approvals. Now, there are new problems coming to light, over and above previous concerns that were never acknowledged and addressed by Durham Region and the Province.

Letter To Party Leaders - Waste & Incineration - September 28 2011

Please read the attached letter (PDF) from the Ontario Zero Waste Coalition to all four party leaders to raise the issue of waste management and incineration. This is the time to raise the issue locally with your own candidates.

Groundbreaking - Update and reminder has issued new information about the public gathering outside the incinerator groundbreaking ceremony Wednesday morning, 10am.

  • When: Wednesday, Aug 17 10:00am to 2:00 (critical time will be about 10:45—12:30 - that will catch all the dignitaries as they arrive and most of them as they leave).
  • Where: Osborne Rd at the entrance of the water treatment plant (access via Solina Rd - Osborne is closed for construction) see parking info below.
  • Bring yourself, bring all your friends
  • Bring signs if you have one or can make one
  • Bring Sunscreen & water bottles (non-disposable, please) - It is supposed to be sunny and warm
  • Have fun!

Doug Anderson writes:

I visited the site this afternoon and here's what's happening.

The vote to adopt co-owners agreement with York Region

Council voted at a special meeting July 26, 2011 to adopt the Co-Owners Agreement with York Region. This agreement contains a clause to delegate authority to staff to issue Notice to Proceed to construction to Covanta.

We sincerely thank the Mayors and Regional Councillors who voted against the incinerator and stood up for the residents of Durham and beyond:
Clarington: NONE
Oshawa: Mayor John Henry, John Neal
Whitby: Joe Drumm
Ajax: Mayor Steve Parish, Colleen Jordan
Pickering: Jennifer O'Connell, Peter Rodrigues
Brock: none
Scugog: none
Uxbridge: none
It's not too late to send them a nice note of thanks.

Groundbreaking ceremony - You're not invited

Durham and York Regions have announced the groundbreaking ceremony for the incinerator and you're not invited! (see the invitation)

So in spite of not being invited to this groundbreaking event, we would like to cordially suggest that everyone invite a friend (or more) to a public rally
Wednesday August 17, 10:30 AM
Outside the site, 72 Osborne Rd., Courtice (south of 401, east of Courtice Rd.) [MAP]
so that we can welcome the special invited guests to their closed event as they arrive.

Making sense of Wednesday's Regional Council vote

The vote June 29 on the motion to request a medical opinion from Durham Medical Officer of Health and to request details of the proposed contract with York Region for co-ownership of the planned incinerator in Courtice went 15-13.

In other words, a motion to protect the health of residents and to carefully examine a 20-plus year contract passed by a single vote. A tie would have been broken by Chair Anderson and the report might have passed with no further scrutiny.

Regional Councillors request medical opinion, question contract with York Region

Durham Region councillors voted Wednesday June 29 to request a medical opinion from Durham Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Robert Kyle, on the effects of allowing the proposed incinerator to vent double the amount of a critical pollutant known as PM2.5 than was originally predicted. The motion, moved by Oshawa councillor Nancy Diamond and seconded by Ajax councillor Shaun Collier, also asked for details on costs of conditions of approval and for details around the co-ownership contract with York Region.

Durham Region environmental groups react to Certificates of Approval

This media release was issued Wednesday June 29 jointly by


Ministry of the Environment grants Certificates of Approval

Durham residents attending the Regional Council meeting Wednesday June 29 learned that the Ministry of the Environment had granted the Certificates of Approval (C. of A.) the day before, June 28. The final decision to proceed now rests with Durham Region Council.

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