The Majestic Plastic Bag - A Mockumentary

Deadpan narration, a clever script and high quality photography make this video a compelling pitch to support California's state senate bill to ban single-use plastic shopping bags.

The Majestic Plastic Bag - A Mockumentary

Zero Waste BC video

Great little video from Zero Waste BC.

Queen's Park Rally on Rogers TV Durham

A coalition of citizens and NGOs from Durham Region, Toronto and elsewhere in Ontario held a rally at Queen's Park to tell the Ontario government that incineration is not a sensible solution to our growing waste problem. Speakers addressed the current situation in Durham Region and the ambiguous stance of the Ontario government.

Video from the Rogers Cable TV Durham (channels 10 and 63), Thu May 13 2010

A Breath of Air - What air pollution is doing to our children

"A Breath of Air" details the work of USC scientists on the health effects of air pollution on children, and also the community perspective on air pollution in the Los Angeles area. It was produced and directed by Keren Markuze, with Andrea Hricko, a USC associate professor of preventive medicine at Keck School of Medicine as executive director, with funding from the California Air Resources Board. (Running time: 29:38)

Evidence that Civic Action to Clean the Air Saves Lives – Dr. Ted Boadway, Ontario Medical Association

In his keynote address at the Southwestern Ontario Clean Air Summit May 21, 2009 (organized by the Clean Air Partnership (CAP)) Dr. Ted Boadway, Ontario Medical Association, articulates the seriousness and the detrimental health effects due to air pollution in a simplified way, explains the Illness Cost of Air Pollution program (ICAP) and discusses how civic action helps prevent illness.

The 30-minute presentation video is edited to show the presentation slides (PDF version).

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