Submit Comments to the Ministry of the Environment by Friday April 2, 2010

Friday April 2, 2010 is the deadline for the public to comment on the Environmental Assessment for the Durham Region incinerator proposal - officially called the "Durham-York Residual Waste Study".

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment has reviewed the reports that were submitted by the project team (staff and consultants) in July, the amendments submitted in November, and the additional sections and memos submitted in December and issued their "Ministry Review", an interim ministry staff opinion.

The five-week public comment period that ends Friday April 2, 2010 is the final opportunity for the public to provide comments on the entire environmental assessment study before the Ontario Minister of the Environment makes his decision to approve the EA (with or without extra conditions), reject it, refer all or part of it to the Environmental Review Tribunal.

The letter below is based on the pre-formatted letters available on the Don't Get Burned site. Those letters are provided as links that automatically open your mail program and pre-fill the email with the text. We invite you to add your own comments, your name and full return address, then send. One thing every Durham Region resident of can do is comment on the consultation done throughout the environmental assessment study.

We would like to hear more about your experience with the consultation around the incinerator project. Please complete this short anonymous online survey (SurveyMonkey is a site that provides free or low-cost support for surveys and polls). The survey may also jog your memory about the consultation process: public meetings, surveys, ads, displays, correspondence or literature.

Take Action

Please check back here often for new actions you can do!

Regional councillors meet June 16th and June 24th to vote on the Environmental Assessment reports. Be there to tell them how you feel about incineration and Zero Waste.

Durham Region councillors are elected from your individual municipality to represent you at the Regional tier of government. Your local ward councillors are elected in your municipality. In order to properly represent you, they need your input. Send them an email or a letter to tell them how you feel about incineration and Zero Waste.

What a great opportunity - the Provincial Government is asking for your input regarding Zero Waste! Be a part of the decision making process! Send your input in today.

Ask questions and submit comments about the current environmental assessment for the incinerator to the Regions' Consultants and Project Team.

Groundbreaking - Update and reminder has issued new information about the public gathering outside the incinerator groundbreaking ceremony Wednesday morning, 10am.

  • When: Wednesday, Aug 17 10:00am to 2:00 (critical time will be about 10:45—12:30 - that will catch all the dignitaries as they arrive and most of them as they leave).
  • Where: Osborne Rd at the entrance of the water treatment plant (access via Solina Rd - Osborne is closed for construction) see parking info below.
  • Bring yourself, bring all your friends
  • Bring signs if you have one or can make one
  • Bring Sunscreen & water bottles (non-disposable, please) - It is supposed to be sunny and warm
  • Have fun!

Doug Anderson writes:

I visited the site this afternoon and here's what's happening.

Groundbreaking ceremony - You're not invited

Durham and York Regions have announced the groundbreaking ceremony for the incinerator and you're not invited! (see the invitation)

So in spite of not being invited to this groundbreaking event, we would like to cordially suggest that everyone invite a friend (or more) to a public rally
Wednesday August 17, 10:30 AM
Outside the site, 72 Osborne Rd., Courtice (south of 401, east of Courtice Rd.) [MAP]
so that we can welcome the special invited guests to their closed event as they arrive.

Comments on Certificate of Approval application

Deadline extended to Thursday evening June 9. The EBR Registry site was unavailable due to maintenance over the weekend, thus making it difficult to get information.

Please read and take action before the (new) deadline.

Durham and York Regions have applied for Certificates of Approval (C of A) that would allow the proposed incinerator in Courtice to be built and operated. In effect, the C of A can be considered a "license to pollute" issued by the Ministry of the Environment, specifying how much of what pollutants can be released, and how the incinerator is to be operated. This is a legally enforceable document therefore it is important that it be correct and protective of human health and the natural environment.

In our opinion, there are serious inconsistencies between the air emissions upon which Environmental Assessment approval was based and what is proposed in the C of A applications. For this and other reasons cited below, we will be asking the Ministry of the Environment to reject the applications.

Clear The Air Ad Fund


The Clear The Air Ad Fund was established by Clarington citizens opposed to the Durham incinerator due to health and financial concerns. Donations went to buy ads in the Orono Weekly Times and Clarington This Week to "Clear The Air" about the voting record on the incinerator.

The fund is closed, now that the objective has been reached. The funds went to buy a full page ad in the Orono Weekly Times special election edition Wed Oct 13 and in Clarington This Week Wed Oct 20. The target was reached thanks to the generous donations of citizens and physicians.

New Minister of the Environment

A cabinet shuffle Wednesday, August 18 replaced the Minister of the Environment. The new minister, Hon. John Wilkinson, should be strongly encouraged to put a definitive stop to incineration.

Minister of the Environment: Hon. John Wilkinson <>
Constituency office: Hon. John Wilkinson <>

The Minister should consider...

Thanks for the Letters!

Looking at statistics from the web site, it looks like some 300 letters got sent just from that site by the April 2 deadline for comments on the Ministry Review of the Environmental Assessment study. We hope visitors to this site sent in their own to add to the total.

Speaking At Council Meetings

Speaking at council meetings — it's called "making a delegation" — is the best way to get the message to councillors. It shows them that you care enough about the issue to take time off work, arrange for daycare or change your plans for the day.

Register to speak at the June 24th Council meeting:
Register by Monday morning June 22nd 9:00am
By phone 905-668-7711 (toll free 1-800-372-1102) or by email

Prepare your talk

Councillor Contact Info

The attached information sheet (PDF format) gives all the available contact information for regional and local councillors in Durham Region. Office, home and fax numbers and email addresses are routinely published by the councillors themselves during their election campaigns, and it is understood that you can contact them outside regular office hours.

Please let them know you are concerned about the incinerator project and urge them to stop it and work on safer, healthier and more sustainable alternatives.

Upcoming events

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