Groundbreaking - Update and reminder has issued new information about the public gathering outside the incinerator groundbreaking ceremony Wednesday morning, 10am.

  • When: Wednesday, Aug 17 10:00am to 2:00 (critical time will be about 10:45—12:30 - that will catch all the dignitaries as they arrive and most of them as they leave).
  • Where: Osborne Rd at the entrance of the water treatment plant (access via Solina Rd - Osborne is closed for construction) see parking info below.
  • Bring yourself, bring all your friends
  • Bring signs if you have one or can make one
  • Bring Sunscreen & water bottles (non-disposable, please) - It is supposed to be sunny and warm
  • Have fun!

Doug Anderson writes:

I visited the site this afternoon and here's what's happening.

The Region has levelled and built a site for their tents (one was already erected) just N of the water treatment plant. They've also leveled off a parking lot, put in gravel and built an access road off the lane from the water plant. (So how much did all this cost?)

As some have already pointed out, Osborne Rd is closed due to construction (sewers, etc.) so the access to the groundbreaking will be S from the Service Rd on Solina Rd. (1st east of Osborne) and then west on Osborne. They were fixing the potholes while I was there.

Parking close to the site will be a problem for us. There is limited parking along the side of the road but with the rain and fresh gravel, some of the shoulders are soft. For most of us the best place to park will be the parking lots for the playing fields on Solina. From there is is about a half mile walk on gravel (wear appropriate shoes).

Because the dignitaries will all be coming down Solina and across, we can position ourselves anywhere along there and they can't help seeing us. Let's try to line the whole route while they're coming in.

Strategy: I am assured that the press will be out in force so we want to impress with numbers and noise. The position that I am taking in my interviews with the media is that the groundbreaking is an irrelevant 'show' event, as construction can't start until they have a building permit - which we are challenging. It is just a private celebration amongst cronies.

Keep the demonstration peaceful. Attempting to physically disrupt their function might leave a bad impression with the press and should be avoided.

Doug Anderson
President, DurhamCLEAR

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