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Durham Region Municipal Councils

Updated for the new council term 2010—2014. Got a councillor phone number? Send it in using the contact form.

Durham Region is a two-tier municipal government. The Region is composed of eight constituent municipalities. Each municipality elects a mayor, regional and ward councillors. Together, they form the local council for each municipality. In addition, the mayor and the regional councillors represent the municipality's residents at Durham Region Council.

Local ward councillors in each of the eight constituent municipalities are not directly responsible for waste management, but one would hope that they have an influence on how the municipality's regional councillors represent their residents at the Region.

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Grouped together

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Listed individually, by municipality

Town of Ajax (updated for 2010-2014 term) 905-683-4550 (FAX: 905-683-8207)
Official Council Correspondence c/o Clerk Martin Derond
Mayor Steve Parish Office: 905-619-2529, ext. 3332; Res: 905-683-9450; Mobile: 905-924-4220
Regional Councillor Shaun Collier (wards 1&2) Office: 905-409-6891
Regional Councillor Colleen Jordan (wards 3&4) Office: 905-619-2529, ext. 3364; Mobile: 905-626-3639
Ward 1 Councillor Marilyn Crawford Office: 905-619-2529, ext. 3363; Mobile: 905-550-1133
Ward 2 Councillor Renrick Ashby Office: 905-619-2529, ext. 3380; Mobile: 905-621-6062
Ward 3 Councillor Joanne Dies Office: 905-619-2529, ext. 3373; Mobile: 905-626-1916
Ward 4 Councillor Pat Brown Office: 905-619-2529, ext. 3374; Res: 905-683-4926; Mobile: 905-626-2301

In one group (copy and paste into your email program)
Mayor Steve Parish <>, Shaun Collier <>, Colleen Jordan <>, Marilyn Crawford <>, Renrick Ashby <>, Joanne Dies <>, Pat Brown <>

Township of Brock (updated for 2010-2014 term) 705-432-2355 (toll free 1-866-223-7668)
Official Council Correspondence c/o Municipal Clerk Thomas G. Gettinby
Mayor Terry Clayton 705-426-7104
Regional Councillor Debbie Bath 705-357-2350
Ward 1 Councillor Mike Manchester 705-426-5708
Ward 2 Councillor Randy Skinner Home: 705-426-7022; Business: 705-426-7247
Ward 3 Councillor Walter Schummer Home: 705-432-8464; Fax: 705-432-8450
Ward 4 Councillor Keith Shier 705-437-1358
Ward Councillor W.E. Ted Smith 705-357-2427
In one group (copy and paste into your email program)
Mayor Terry Clayton <>, Debbie Bath <>, Mike Manchester <>, Randy Skinner <>, Walter Schummer <>, Keith Shier <>, W.E. Ted Smith <>

Municipality of Clarington (updated for 2010-2014 term) 905-623-3379 (toll free 800-563-1195)
Official Council Correspondence:
Mayor Adrian Foster (or
Regional Councillor Mary Novak (wards 1&2)
Regional Councillor Willie Woo (wards 3&4)
Ward 1 Councillor Joe Neal
Ward 2 Councillor Ron Hooper
Ward 3 Councillor Corinna Traill
Ward 4 Councillor Wendy Partner
In one group (copy and paste into your email program)
Mayor Adrian Foster <>, Mary Novak <>, Willie Woo <>, Joe Neal <>, Ron Hooper <>, Corinna Traill <>, Wendy Partner <>

City of Oshawa (updated for 2010-2014 term) 905-436-3311 (toll free 1-800-6-OSHAWA or 1-800-667-4292)
Official Council Correspondence:
Mayor John G. Henry 905-436-5611
Regional Councillor John R. Aker 905-436-5612
Regional Councillor Bob Chapman 905-436-5619
Regional Councillor Nancy Diamond 905 436 5613
Regional Councillor Amy England 905-436-5614
Regional Councillor Tito-Dante Marimpietri 905-436-5602
Regional Councillor John Neal 905-436-5610
Regional Councillor Nester Pidwerbecki 905-436-5615
Local Councillor Roger Bouma
Local Councillor Bruce Wood 905-436-5605
One local seat is currently vacant.
In one group (copy and paste into your email program)
Mayor John Henry <>, Bob Chapman <>, John Aker <>, Nancy Diamond <>, John Neal <>, Amy England <>, Nester Pidwerbecki <>, Roger Bouma <>, Tito-Dante Marimpietri <>, Bruce Wood <>

City of Pickering (updated for 2010-2014 term) 905-420-2222 (toll free 1-866-683-2760)
Official Council Correspondence:
Mayor Dave Ryan
Regional Councillor Ward 1 Jennifer O'Connell
Regional Councillor Ward 2 Bill McLean
Regional Councillor Ward 3 Peter Rodrigues
City Councillor Ward 1 Kevin Ashe
City Councillor Ward 2 Doug Dickerson
City Councillor Ward 3 David Pickles

In one group (copy and paste into your email program)
Mayor Dave Ryan <>, Jennifer O'Connell <>, Bill McLean <>, Peter Rodrigues <>, Kevin Ashe <>, Doug Dickerson <>, David Pickles <>

Township of Scugog (updated for 2010-2014 term) 905-985-7346
Official Council Correspondence:
Mayor Chuck Mercier (905) 982-8811
Regional Councillor Bobbie Drew (905) 985-7183
Ward 1 Councillor Larry Corrigan (905) 985-7215
Ward 2 Councillor John Hancock (905) 985-8083
Ward 3 Councillor Jim Howard (905) 442-0448
Ward 4 Councillor Wilma Wotten (905) 986-4975
Ward 5 Councillor Howard Danson (905) 982-2724
In one group (copy and paste into your email program)
Mayor Chuck Mercier <>, Bobbie Drew <>, Larry Corrigan <>, John Hancock <>, Jim Howard <>, Wilma Wotten <>, Howard Danson <>

Township of Uxbridge (updated for 2010-2014 term) 905-852-9181
Official Council Correspondence c/o Clerk Debbie Leroux
Mayor Gerri Lynn O'Connor
Regional Councillor Jack Ballinger
Ward 1 Councillor Beverly Northeast
Ward 2 Councillor Pat Molloy
Ward 3 Councillor Pat Mikuse
Ward 4 Councillor Jacob Mantle
Ward 5 Councillor Gordon Highet
In one group (copy and paste into your email program)
Mayor Gerri Lynn O'Connor <>, Jack Ballinger <>, Beverly Northeast <>, Pat Molloy <>, Pat Mikuse <>, Jacob Mantle <>, Gordon Highet <>

Town of Whitby (updated for 2010-2014 term) 905-668-5803
Official Council Correspondence:
Mayor Pat Perkins
Regional Councillor Joe Drumm
Regional Councillor Lorne Coe
Regional Councillor Don Mitchell
Ward Councillor Tracy Hanson
Ward Councillor Elizabeth Roy
Ward Councillor Michael G. Emm
Ward Councillor Ken Montague

In one group (copy and paste into your email program)
Mayor Pat Perkins <>, Joe Drumm <>, Lorne Coe <>, Don Mitchell <>, Tracy Hanson <>, Elizabeth Roy <>, Michael G. Emm <>, Ken Montague <>

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