The vote to adopt co-owners agreement with York Region

Council voted at a special meeting July 26, 2011 to adopt the Co-Owners Agreement with York Region. This agreement contains a clause to delegate authority to staff to issue Notice to Proceed to construction to Covanta.

We sincerely thank the Mayors and Regional Councillors who voted against the incinerator and stood up for the residents of Durham and beyond:
Clarington: NONE
Oshawa: Mayor John Henry, John Neal
Whitby: Joe Drumm
Ajax: Mayor Steve Parish, Colleen Jordan
Pickering: Jennifer O'Connell, Peter Rodrigues
Brock: none
Scugog: none
Uxbridge: none
It's not too late to send them a nice note of thanks.

Those who voted YES to inflict this incinerator on residents of Durham and beyong and gave the FINAL GO AHEAD:
Clarington: Mayor Adrian Foster, Willie Woo (Mary Novak supported the incinerator every step of the way but was absent for this final vote).
Oshawa: John Aker, Bob Chapman, Amy England, Nester Pidwerbecki. (Absent Nancy Diamond, Tito-Dante Marimpietri)
Whitby: Mayor Pat Perkins, Lorne Coe (Don Mitchell absent)
Ajax: none! (Shaun Collier absent)
Pickering: Mayor Dave Ryan, Bill McLean.
Unanimous in the 3 northern municipalities:
Brock: Mayor Terry Clayton, Debbie Bath
Scugog: Mayor Chuck Mercier, Bobbie Drew
Uxbridge: Mayor Gerri Lynn O'Connor, Jack Ballinger

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