Response to Ontario's Proposed Waste Reduction Strategy

ZeroWaste4ZeroBurning submitted comments recently on Ontario's proposed Waste Reduction Act, 2013 (currently in the legislature as Bill 91) and the draft Waste Reduction Strategy. Both the proposed Act and the strategy were posted on the Environmental Bill of Rights Registry as 011-9260 (Waste Reduction Act) and 011-9262 (draft Waste Reduction Strategy.

The short version is that Ontario has a confused strategy when it comes to waste reduction. If you want to reduce waste, you have to adopt Zero Waste as an overall vision and the 3Rs as the basic tools. Instead, "Zero Waste" appears only once, and even then only as a sidebar on page 18 of the strategy paper. We were also disappointed to see that incineration is still in the mix instead of being treated as disposal. It's simple: anything burned can't be recycled or re-used. What's worse is that incinerator contracts demand a steady flow of waste and effectively stop any attempt at the first 'R' — reduce.

Please see the attached PDF document for our response to EBR Registry postings 011-9260 and 011-9262.

ZeroWaste4ZeroBurning response to draft waste reduction strategy.pdf147.35 KB

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