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A must-read series of three articles in The Watershed Sentinel by author and journalist Joyce Nelson. Part 1 of the series looks at the threat to recycling that multi-stage waste-to-energy (WTE) incineration poses. Part 2 looks at mass-burn waste-to-energy (WTE) incineration, with a focus on Covanta Energy. Part 3 considers gasification WTE companies Plasco Energy Group and Aquilini Renewable Energy, and the Federal government’s involvement in WTE incineration.

Incinerators, Part 1 - Waste-to-Energy Proposals

Across Canada, the US, the UK, Europe, and Asia, communities are facing an unprecedented onslaught of proposals for new incinerators. In July 2008, Friends of the Earth released a map showing dozens of planned new incinerator sites across the UK. The British government has committed billions to new incineration, while cutting budgets for recycling by 30 per cent.

Evidence that Civic Action to Clean the Air Saves Lives – Dr. Ted Boadway, Ontario Medical Association

In his keynote address at the Southwestern Ontario Clean Air Summit May 21, 2009 (organized by the Clean Air Partnership (CAP)) Dr. Ted Boadway, Ontario Medical Association, articulates the seriousness and the detrimental health effects due to air pollution in a simplified way, explains the Illness Cost of Air Pollution program (ICAP) and discusses how civic action helps prevent illness.

The 30-minute presentation video is edited to show the presentation slides (PDF version).

Incinerator Information Session March 2, 2010

Incinerator Information Session March 2, 2010

Over 110 people attended the Incinerator Injustice information session Tuesday March 2 in Courtice, making it a successful evening. The session also attracted visitors from Toronto and Simcoe County, where irresponsible waste management is also an urgent issue.

The evening was organized by a coalition of Durham Region residents and organizations — , , and . The organizers wish to thank all involved, including the volunteers at Faith United Church.


Media Release - Clarington Councillors Vote Down Incinerator EA Independent Review

Clarington, Tue Feb 9, 2009 - Clarington residents say they feel abandoned
by the Clarington councillors who would welcome a polluting incinerator
but failed to act to ensure that public health is safeguarded. Councillors
voted 4-3 Monday evening to accept a recommendation against hiring expert
reviewers in the next phase of the environmental assessment for the Durham
incinerator proposed for the lakeshore in Courtice.

"The majority of Clarington councillors do not understand the
environmental assessment process or their role as representatives of the

Media release - Durham Incinerator Environmental Assessment Review Not On Time or Budget

Attn: News Editors

Thu Jan 14 2010


Durham Region — The environmental assessment study for Durham Region's waste incinerator project is not "on time and budget" as was previously stated by Durham Works Commissioner Cliff Curtis, say Durham residents watching the project. Residents are also alarmed that Durham Region councillors on the Works committee appear unconcerned about the possibility that the environmental assessment review will be flawed and, if the incinerator were approved, that human health and the environment could be impacted.

Region submits amended EA study

The Regions of York and Durham have submitted an amended EA study Friday November 27. The documents are posted on the Durham-York Waste EA site but are not easy to find.

For your convenience, we link to the amended study:
 - Notice of submission (PDF)
 - Full set of documents

Incinerator EA Study Submitted to Province For Review

The Durham-York incinerator (thermal treatment) project team has submitted the environmental assessment (EA) study to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) Friday July 31. The final documents will be available on the project web site by Friday August 7. We have attached the formal notice of submission to this alert as a PDF file. The notice sets out the commenting period and locations where documents can be viewed.

Health & Ecological Risk - Clarington Peer Review Report

Clarington's peer review of the Site Specific Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment was not included in the report release Friday July 3 for discussion at Clarington General Purpose and Administration committee Monday July 6. In other words, councillors approved it sight unseen.

The file attached to this posting is Attachment #14 to the Clarington Peer Review Report PSD-071-09. Hard copies are available from the Municipality of Clarington Planning department.

Clarington Peer Review Report PSD-071-09

Clarington's peer review report released Friday July 3 for discussion at Clarington General Purpose and Administration committee Monday July 6 9:30am.

The report is 100 pages and cannot be conveniently emailed. See the file attachment below. Hard copies are available from the Municipality of Clarington Clerks dept.

Durham incinerator vote overlooked problems

MEDIA RELEASE - Friday June 26, 2009


Durham Region, Fri June 26, 2009 -- Durham Region councillors who voted to
move the Durham incinerator project forward did so by ignoring significant
problems with the environmental assessment study, the lack of a detailed
business case, and glossed over the troubling environmental and labour
record of the selected contractor, Covanta Energy. Instead, longtime
incinerator supporters on council chose to repeat industry fairy tales or
attempted to divert attention from the subject.

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