Media Release - Clarington Councillors Vote Down Incinerator EA Independent Review

Clarington, Tue Feb 9, 2009 - Clarington residents say they feel abandoned
by the Clarington councillors who would welcome a polluting incinerator
but failed to act to ensure that public health is safeguarded. Councillors
voted 4-3 Monday evening to accept a recommendation against hiring expert
reviewers in the next phase of the environmental assessment for the Durham
incinerator proposed for the lakeshore in Courtice.

"The majority of Clarington councillors do not understand the
environmental assessment process or their role as representatives of the
potential host community in the ongoing EA study", says Orono resident
Linda Gasser who has followed the incinerator EA process closely for
nearly three years.

Clarington, even though it is designated as the host community, did not
make any formal submission to the ministry of the environment during the
initial EA public comment period. This latest vote was to decline to
participate in the second and final public comment period, where the
ministry's review of the project is open to inspection.

"Last night, the same four councillors who prematurely declared us a
'Willing Host Community' without also ensuring that Clarington's interests
were identified and addressed in the final EA, hid behind a questionable
staff recommendation that peer reviewers not be engaged to review the
Amended EA and the imminent Ministry Review", says Ms. Gasser. "Council
has failed to ensure there would be any comment from Clarington to the EA
study for the Minister to consider prior to making a decision."

One of the main concerns is the air pollution from the incinerator, adding
to an already compromised ambient air quality near the site. "If Health
Canada has a problem with the way the health risks were assessed, then so
do I ", says Maple Grove resident Kristin Robinson. "Once this incinerator
is built, it will be too late."

"Experts from Health Canada, MoE and Clarington's earlier peer reviewers
have pointed to concerns with risk calculation and air quality", says
Newcastle resident Wendy Bracken. "That evidence having been brought
forward, to have no expert hired to address these concerns and comment
directly to MoE during the final public inspection period, that is the
height of foolishness and irresponsibility."

Although Clarington commented on a draft of the EA study, Clarington has
not reviewed or commented on the final environmental assessment study nor,
as of last night, would they comment on the amended EA or the ministry
review. Clarington Council voted in July 2009 to end the contract with its
reviewers. The ministry review of the EA study is expected shortly, with
the five week final inspection period starting at the end of February.


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