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Greater Vancouver - six newspaper articles

The Surrey Leader and other local papers in the lower mainland ran a six part series by Jeff Nagel (BC Local News) on the decision the Greater Vancouver Regional District is currently contemplating. In one scenario, there would be six new incinerators in the region.

In case the articles disappear off the web, PDF reprints are attached to this article (see below).

Part 1 - Burning questions April 30, 2010

Rally at Queens Park

A coalition of citizens and NGOs from Durham Region, Toronto and elsewhere in Ontario held a rally at Queen's Park to tell the Ontario government that incineration is not a sensible solution to our growing waste problem. Speakers addressed the current situation in Durham Region and the ambiguous stance of the Ontario government.

Video from the Rogers Cable TV Durham (channels 10 and 63), Thu May 13 2010

Toronto Star - Plastic, glass and paper pile up as recyclers close

This story in the Toronto Star illustrates the difficulties with recycling. Waste reduction must remain our priority.

The article also hints that there could be an announcement soon by the Ontario Minister of the Environment about changes to the Waste Diversion Act. Last year, the MoE circulated a policy discussion on extended producer responsibility which, if implemented, could shift the burden of disposal from municipalities and onto the producers, thus giving them incentives to reduce packaging and non-recyclable materials.

Greenpeace Researcher Misquoted by Toronto Star

Update: Dave Martin, Policy Adviser, Greenpeace Canada, in a letter to the editor in the Toronto Star, restates Greenpeace's opposition to incineration. As well, Dr. Paul Johnston, Principal Scientist, Greenpeace Research Laboratories, University of Exeter, responds in a blog posted on the site.

Toronto Star - Three Articles on Incineration

This series of three articles on incineration and the Durham Region incinerator proposal was published in the Toronto Star over the Easter weekend. The Star also published an editorial Tuesday April 6 that could have been written by an incinerator lobbyist.

The sub-headline "Even Greenpeace has stopped objecting" in part 3 is taken out of context. Greenpeace Canada has posted a blog entry by Dr. Paul Johnston from the Exeter lab at Greenpeace International.

Thanks for the Letters!

Looking at statistics from the web site, it looks like some 300 letters got sent just from that site by the April 2 deadline for comments on the Ministry Review of the Environmental Assessment study. We hope visitors to this site sent in their own to add to the total.

Submit Comments to the Ministry of the Environment by Friday April 2, 2010

Friday April 2, 2010 is the deadline for the public to comment on the Environmental Assessment for the Durham Region incinerator proposal - officially called the "Durham-York Residual Waste Study".

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment has reviewed the reports that were submitted by the project team (staff and consultants) in July, the amendments submitted in November, and the additional sections and memos submitted in December and issued their "Ministry Review", an interim ministry staff opinion.

The five-week public comment period that ends Friday April 2, 2010 is the final opportunity for the public to provide comments on the entire environmental assessment study before the Ontario Minister of the Environment makes his decision to approve the EA (with or without extra conditions), reject it, refer all or part of it to the Environmental Review Tribunal.

The letter draft is based on the pre-formatted letters available on the Don't Get Burned site. Those letters are provided as links that automatically open your mail program and pre-fill the email with the text. We invite you to add your own comments, your name and full return address, then send. One thing every Durham Region resident of can do is comment on the consultation done throughout the environmental assessment study.

Get the Letter...

We would like to hear more about your experience with the consultation around the incinerator project. We have set up an anonymous consultation survey on SurveyMonkey, a site that provides free or low-cost support for surveys and polls. The survey may also jog your memory about the consultation process: public meetings, surveys, ads, displays, correspondence or literature.

Complete the online survey...

Clarington Signs Host Community Agreement

The Municipality of Clarington and Durham Region have signed the Host Community Agreement (HCA), the contract that states what Clarington gets for hosting the Durham incinerator for the 25 (or more) years it is planned to operate.

The story of the HCA merits attention because council voted against finding out what the municipality's solicitor had to say about it, after administrator Frank Wu said he over-rode the lawyer's concerns. Follow the story in two news reports by Jennifer Stone in Clarington This Week. See the links below.

Waste-to-energy incineration is both noxious and expensive

Waste-to-energy incineration is both noxious and expensive
by Joyce Nelson
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
February 1, 2010

This article has special meaning to Durham residents because it shows that Durham Region is seen as "paving the way" for more incinerators in Ontario and across Canada.

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