Toronto Star - Plastic, glass and paper pile up as recyclers close

This story in the Toronto Star illustrates the difficulties with recycling. Waste reduction must remain our priority.

The article also hints that there could be an announcement soon by the Ontario Minister of the Environment about changes to the Waste Diversion Act. Last year, the MoE circulated a policy discussion on extended producer responsibility which, if implemented, could shift the burden of disposal from municipalities and onto the producers, thus giving them incentives to reduce packaging and non-recyclable materials.

As usual, the "incinerate it all" comments are piling in. Please counter the cavemen with comments encouraging zero waste and sensible use of materials.

Plastic, glass and paper pile up as recyclers close
Slump in blue-box market leaves municipalities scrambling to find new buyers

Mon Apr 26 2010
by Patty Winsa
Urban Affairs Reporter

Some GTA municipalities are scrambling to find markets for blue-box materials after three major recyclers suspended operations in recent months, including a Brampton plant that was the first and only dedicated recycler of polystyrene foam in Canada.

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