Greenpeace Researcher Misquoted by Toronto Star

Update: Dave Martin, Policy Adviser, Greenpeace Canada, in a letter to the editor in the Toronto Star, restates Greenpeace's opposition to incineration. As well, Dr. Paul Johnston, Principal Scientist, Greenpeace Research Laboratories, University of Exeter, responds in a blog posted on the site.

The sub-headline "Even Greenpeace has stopped objecting" on part 3 of the series on incineration that ran in the Toronto Star over the Easter weekeed, and the quote in the article itself, is taken out of context. Please let your network of contacts know about this and correct the record. We don't expect the Star will give as much ink to the retraction as the original headline so we must do it ourselves.

April 8th, 2010
Don’t Burn Garbage!
Posted by Dave Martin
This blog is by Dr.Paul Johnston, Principal Scientist, Greenpeace Research Laboratories University of Exeter…

I’ve been opposed to incineration as a method of waste disposal for over 20 years and, I was looking forward to reading Catherine Porter’s article “Will burning Durham’s garbage make us sick? (Toronto Star, April 5, 2010), particularly as we had a long conversation on the issue a few weeks prior to the publishing of the article. However, it appears that my comments to the author have been completely misunderstood and the article therefore, misrepresents Greenpeace’s position on incineration.


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