Greater Vancouver - six newspaper articles

The Surrey Leader and other local papers in the lower mainland ran a six part series by Jeff Nagel (BC Local News) on the decision the Greater Vancouver Regional District is currently contemplating. In one scenario, there would be six new incinerators in the region.

In case the articles disappear off the web, PDF reprints are attached to this article (see below).

Part 1 - Burning questions April 30, 2010
Metro Vancouver claims a new garbage incinerator can be built here that would create no net increase in air pollution in the sensitive and constrained airshed downwind in the Fraser Valley.

Part 2 - Is burying best? May 07, 2010
The arid sagebrush hills of the Fraser Canyon country have long been a dumping ground for Metro Vancouver's garbage.

Part 3 - The stealth incinerators May 14, 2010
Wood makes up 20 per cent of the region's waste stream and diverting more of it from the landfill is a critical plank in Metro Vancouver's plan to increase recycling.

Part 4 - Zero waste: Fantasy or the future? May 21, 2010
Includes a video story featuring Helen Spiegelman, Zero Waste BC, showing that zero waste is not only possible, but makes sense for the pocketbook too.
Opponents of a proposed new garbage incinerator for the Lower Mainland are championing an elegant, green alternative: stop generating as much garbage in the first place.

Part 5 - Trash mountain
Published: May 28, 2010
Drivers passing through Delta on Highway 99 can usually smell it before they see it.

Part 6 - Decision Time June 04, 2010
Burning more garbage to generate energy is Metro Vancouver's preferred strategy to dispose of 1.2 million tonnes of waste per year it says cannot be recycled or diverted.

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