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Durham Region Council
Durham Region Council is composed of regional councillors from each of the eight constituent municipalities. Unlike the councillors who are elected by residents in their own municipalities, the chairman is appointed by council.

Local councillors in each of the eight constituent municipalities are not directly responsible for waste management, but one would hope that they have an influence on how the municipality's regional councillors represent their residents at the Region.

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Durham Region
Official Council Correspondence:
Durham Region Chair Roger Anderson

Town of Ajax
Official Council Correspondence c/o Clerk Martin Derond
Ajax Mayor Steve Parish
Ajax Scott Crawford
Ajax Colleen Jordan

Township of Brock
Official Council Correspondence c/o Municipal Clerk Thomas G. Gettinby
Brock Mayor Larry OConnor
Brock John Grant

Municipality of Clarington
Official Council Correspondence:
Clarington Mayor Jim Abernethy
Clarington Mary Novak
Clarington Charlie Trim

City of Oshawa
Official Council Correspondence:
Oshawa Mayor John Gray
Oshawa John Henry
Oshawa April Cullen
Oshawa Joe Kolodzie
Oshawa Robert Lutczyk
Oshawa John Neal
Oshawa Brian Nicholson
Oshawa Nester Pidwerbecki

City of Pickering
Official Council Correspondence:
Pickering Mayor Dave Ryan
Pickering Bonnie Littley
Pickering Bill McLean
Pickering Rick Johnson

Township of Scugog
Official Council Correspondence:
Scugog Mayor Marilyn Pearce
Scugog Jim McMillen

Township of Uxbridge
Official Council Correspondence c/o Clerk Debbie Leroux
Uxbridge Mayor Bob Shepherd
Uxbridge Howie Herrema

Town of Whitby
Official Council Correspondence:
Whitby Mayor Pat Perkins
Whitby Joe Drumm
Whitby Gerry Emm
Whitby Don Mitchell

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