The meeting is still going on - break until 7:30pm

Up to delegation #54 and only three delegations in favour of incineration.

Currently listening to Nadia, who is wearing a dress made of garbage bags. "If you guys are trying to make garbage look good, so can I".

Many other good points were raised:
* Uncertainty over the future - will the rules change and cost the region more in air pollution equipment, carbon taxes or monitoring.
* The energy we would get from waste is a "pinprick" compared
* Many people have talked about moving away from Durham Region. Property values could drop (there is some evidence this has happened elsewhere - looking for references...)
* Greenhouse gases: 1 tonne of garbage = 1 tonne of CO2
* Trucking the ash to New York State is not exactly a "made in Durham solution"
* Durham Region has a very good diversion rate, over 50% currently. If all the recyclable materials actually were recycled, what would our diversion rate be? Some say we could be closer to 90%

Dinner break until 7:30pm then the fun starts again.

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