Briefing By CUPE Ontario

Anthony Shelton, CUPE Ontario, delivered the following briefing to the committee on behalf of Sid Ryan.

See the attached PDF file.

Hearing Some Very Good Speakers

Back from the lunch break. We're now hearing from delegate #20 on the list.

Some interesting highlights:

People in Uxbridge, Scugog and most of West Durham municipalities have not heard much about this incinerator and most of the delegates from outside Clarington and Oshawa said that when they speak to their friends and neighbours, they haven't heard anything about the project.

Should there be a referendum on this issue? The previous comment seems to indicate that a referendum concurrent with the November 2010 election would be warranted.

Covanta Gets Moved to Speak Last

Councillor Trim, Chair of the Works committee, moved a motion to place the delegation by Covanta Energy, the selected bidder for the incinerator. Kudos to Councillor Nicholson for denouncing the motion as blatantly political, so that people can't hear the response to questions by councillors.

Recorded vote:
Against: Nicholson, Cullen, Drumm, Grant, Henry, Neil
For: O'Connor, Pierce, Pidberwecki, Shepherd, Trim, Abernethy, Crawford, Emm, Herrema, Johnson, McMillan.

Please send them emails to complain about this.

Blogging From Committee Meeting

Throughout the day June 16th, we will be posting updates from Durham Region's Committee of the Whole. This committee is composed of all members of council, meeting with more relaxed rules than the full council meeting. The task of the committee is to receive the reports from staff and environmental assessment studies and develop a recommendation to be considered by Durham Region Council at its June 24th meeting.

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